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A ductless HVAC unit in our shed

I suppose it’s just far too much for me to ask to have a official outdoor storage space around here. I never thought it would be so ridiculously taxing to put away our kayaks, lawn mower, plus outdoor landscaping tools. In our last place every one of us had this outdoor storage area attached next to the covered carport. It started out awesome, however soon got taken over by a raging possum or some other sort of massive rodent. It lived on the roof plus hissed/moaned at us whenever every one of us attempted to access any of our belongings. So that got old quickly. Now this home every one of us just moved into has a bad issue all it’s own – the shed is buried by brush plus debri in a dark corner of the backyard. The two of us can’t even get to the door of the little building, let alone use it for anything else. Every day I dream of renovating that missing shed, making it a functional area for all of our outdoor storage needs. I suppose of having an open path, an open space, plus truly amazing indoor ventilation to keep my belongings safe. I dream of a small model mini-split ductless heating plus cooling plan for my little storage shed, capable of keeping it hot or cold. I suppose of the humidity control I could have to keep my shovels plus tools safe plus very sound. I fantasize about the keeping the locale well insulated plus sealed tight, both to trap in the high quality indoor air that we’re pumping in through our HVAC device… plus also to seal out the silly spiders that overtake our entire yard.

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