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There is 1 single thing that people constantly say about me when they guess me well – I have a lot of willpower. For as long as I can think back, I have always been able to control myself when it comes to any temptation. I can resist any kind of delicious food, I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey without any complaint, or impart with a strict fitness regimens whenever necessary. I never miss a deadline plus I never show up without being prepared. The 1 thing I constantly cannot control myself over, however, is the temperature control unit, only the people who absolutely guess me deeply have realized my 1 true weakness is air quality control. That is, my boyfriend plus other living partners who share the energy bills with me, for the most part. They absolutely catch on to my fluctuating indoor comfort levels rather quickly… usually by the first few power bills. I don’t guess what it is about air temperatures, although I value it more than anything. I like having the perfect temperature plus air flow through a room, perfectly matched to fit my mood plus ideal comfort level at that exact moment. I don’t suppose how a little central heat or a/c is absolutely too much to ask when I’m depriving myself in every other conceivable way, then no matter what I do, or no matter how much willpower I have in every other realm of my life, I cannot stop touching the temperature controls. I just might need to deprive myself of human like plus companionship to be able to continue on my affair with my oil furnace plus a/c unit.

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