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You know, you should certainly count yourself lucky if your heating appliance is comprised of a sizzling water boiler! People often overlook dwellings with a boiler acting as the heating source, thinking that the boiler appliance is too slow or isn’t capable of warming a dwelling as effectively as they’d need it to! To those people, I believe they’re missing out! I’ve lived in the same victorian condo for almost thirty years now. I’ve raised several children in this dwelling, all with the help of my darling husband, and this entire time we’ve had the same boiler appliance faithfully serving us by providing warmth through frigid winter mornings. I’ve stayed in plenty of hotels and cabins where the room or dwelling used some other type of heating, like a gas-powered furnace or an electric space heating appliance. Nothing compares to the heat produced by a boiler appliance because the boiler produces sizzling air that is absolutely humid! The humidity helps a great deal with not only warming the dwelling, however keeping it sizzling, too! The longest I’ve waited for our condo to become toasty to the temperature setting I wanted was an hour, and that was a night where the temperature was definitely below freezing outside! The best thing about having a boiler for heating the condo is the longevity of the equipment. Like I said, we’ve had the same boiler appliance installed in our basement since the day the two of us moved into the dwelling! Back then, the realtor told us the boiler was basically like an infant, as it was the most recent addition to the condo and was installed roughly a year before the two of us moved in. These days, that “baby” boiler has proven to become a withered yet useful old man, as the boiler appliance still provides ample warmth during the colder times of the year.

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