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How the air cleaner changed my life

Getting an air purifier was the best decision I actually made as a homeowner. Well, okay – second best decision I have made, after buying this fantastic household! I live in this spacious four-bedroom dwelling down South, which my husband plus I simply adore. It’s so cozy plus comfy in this dwelling, as there is a patio on the second floor that’s easily perfect for enjoying the sun rise. But as nice as this dwelling is for us, it’s also honestly outdated – about 73 years old, as of this September! With that outdated age comes outdated technology also, like a cast-iron stove in my kitchen area that is supposed to be my cooking appliance plus my heating appliance. The air conditioning appliance is essentially just a series of vents plus a single heat pump to pull cool air into the dwelling while pushing boiling air out. It’s much newer than the rest of the dwelling, so I will supply the heat pump credit by saying it does the most heavy lifting. However, it also brings in a great deal of dirt, dust plus other allergens that drive my husband totally crazy! Both of us tried to just deal with it, thinking that our reactions to all the dust plus dirt would likely mellow out over time. How wrong I was! Both of us finally broke down plus contacted a Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance service provider in town, searching for an answer to our airborne irritant issues. That’s when we were told about having an air purification system installed in our dwelling, which should remedy the allergy flare-ups by removing a ton of impurities from the air. It sounded pretty nice to me, especially since the air purifier could be installed as a seamless part of the a/c appliance! Finally, we had something we could do to fight the incredible dust bowls created by our dwelling. Two weeks after all of us had the air purifier installed, I noticed a major difference with the air quality inside, plus the “smell” of the dwelling! Everything had improved greatly, especially since our pollen irritations were totally put to rest!

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