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It seems to me that all the people basically struggle with keeping their dwellings hot or cool enough to make all 4 seasons comfy. When my husband plus I were still dating, the two of us shared a small but cozy 2 bedroom apartment. We lived in the Southwest, so it was perpetually hot plus dry, regardless of the time of year! It was especially aggravating really, as the two of us both dealt with cracked skin any time the two of us spent more than a few hours outside. Happily, the two of us had an evaporative cooling appliance at our apartment, which turned our humble apartment into a safe haven of cool, humid air! Unlike a conventional central cooling appliance, evaporative coolers pull the outside air through moist, cool pads before blowing the air into the dwelling. This process only needs a motor for the fan that draws air into the cooling appliance, before dumping it inside to cool the space down plus increase humidity. When the two of us moved out of our dwelling shortly after getting married, the two of us moved into a spacious dwelling in the area. We made sure the place was equipped with an evaporative cooler, as the two of us weren’t about to reside in a house full of dry air! While the evaporative cooler worked easily to supply cool air that improved the humidity indoors, the two of us still had some issues with a terrible smell after moving in! For weeks, we’d notice this smell near the basement that seemed to only get worse on hotter afternoons! After finally working with a local heating, ventilation plus cooling appliance corporation to find a solution, the two of us found that it would be best to install an air purifier in the dwelling. Not only would this help to control plus ultimately eliminate the smell, however the air purifier would also cleanse the air of airborne allergens, germs plus other undesirables.

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