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Maintaining a dwelling is a much more challenging job than most people think. Going out into the world, legitimately working a job, earning money… in our culture it seems as though all the importance is placed on these things. Let me ask you this, after you earn your money what do you go and do? You come to your dwelling, and coming back to a squalid house is not a fitting way to end a tough day, is it? That is why I actually believe what I do as a homemaker is just as pressing as what my husband does… He may pay for the dwelling, despite the fact that I make it an actual home! Recently I have learned all of the basics of Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance maintenance and service, as a matter of course for studying as much as I can about this dwelling. The Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance and all of its numerous vents and HVAC ducts are basically the respiratory system for this dwelling, allowing it to breathe comfortably. It also allows for all of us inside it to breathe well, thanks to air filters and circulation keeping the air quality excellent. As the matriarch in charge of keeping a superb dwelling, that means knowing everything about everything, including the air conditioner appliance. Last month I did a deep cleaning of all the HVAC ductwork I could reach, and immediately I could sense the difference. When I keep the Heating plus Air Conditioning appliance clean, the component has to work less hard to cool us off. The easier it works, the longer the lifespan the air conditioning appliance will have, and the cheaper my energy costs will ultimately be.

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