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That all makes sense to me

You ever feel as though you get so absorbed in an activity that you completely lose track of everything else going on? You become so caught up in completing whatever task it might be that everything else just sort of melts away & you’re completely involved in that one project. When you take a moment & remove yourself from the particular activity, it almost feels like rising to the surface of a deep pool of water & taking your first breath in quite some time, you get what I mean? Well, that’s how it is for me when I to working. Anyways, I have an incredible ability to focus on my task, and then everything else on earth temporarily ceases to exist. That’s why I was so shocked when I stopped working & walked outside the other morning to find that I had been living in an artificial wasteland all weekend with my AC equipment cranked on level 11! You see, it had been brutally hot & humid around here for a long while, so the temperature control was programmed to run an automatic cycle. The AC equipment automatically powered on & off, & I had honestly little to stress about when it came to my indoor air quality conditions. I was chugging away at my work this weekend, happily resting in the high quality indoor air & loving how cool & dry it felt on my skin for hours. It was only after many days of this that I legitimately had to run to the mailbox at the end of the driveway & opened the front door to the outside… the outdoor air temperature was easily cool & refreshing – in fact, even more so with my treated indoor air! All this time I spent working inside I actually didn’t know the weather had changed all that much.

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