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Dog is really loving the ac

When I leave the home for any length of time, I am in the habit of turning the temperature control thermostat on the air conditioning up a few degrees, but i am pretty sure that a lot do that, although some may just have a smart temperature control thermostat that does it for them. There is no reason to do this other than to save energy. If you make the temperature control thermostat setting a bit higher, that means your air conditioning will shut down more frequently, which in turn means you will save energy, however now, some people want to save energy because they want to be environmentally friendly, or green as they say; Some people like me, care more about saving money. I have no problem with being worried about the earth, however the  greatest motivator is to save a few greenbacks, however when you save money, you have more to spend in another area, or even better, you might be able to save a bit more for something special like a holiday or special b’day presents or whatever. So, when I leave, I turn the temperature control thermostat up to 77 degrees. I would set it even higher at 74 or 81 if it weren’t for the fact that I have a pet in the house… You see, in the south, even cats need the air conditioning to stay comfortable, and one time, the air conditioning broke down while I was at work and I came home to see my pet looking as if he was going to pass out. My pet loves and needs the air conditioning.

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