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Man cave little cooling system

My spouse Jared is consistently helping someone with something! Even on his nights off work. Last weekend, Jared and his best pal put in an above ground pool in the backyard, it took all weekend to level out the ground and put the pool together. A few weeks before that, he was tied up helping my sister with a backyard project. It seems like he is always tied up helping someone else with a project, however this year for Jared’s birthday, I have decided to turn our outdoor shed into a man cave, however Jared has not used the outdoor shed in a while, and it has been collecting dust and dirt for a while. In the last month, I have managed to do some interior remodeling without Jared knowing. I have fixed up the flooring and painted the walls in the outdoor shed… My brother and I picked out a small window A/C unit system with an air purification system to place in the shed. The window A/C unit is the last thing to install, because it will be visible from the outside of the shed… Next Weds morning, our in-law is going to take him bowling for the morning, but while Jared and Steve are bowling, my brother and I are going to figure out how to install the window A/C unit. I have a neighbor that liked to help as well, and he works for an A/C repair supplier. I am entirely gleeful and happy to see the look on my spouse’s face, because he is going to be very surprised by our huge gesture.

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