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The thermostat set up

Thirty days or so ago, my spouse and I updated our entire heating and cooling unit… Since the entire purchase was over $5,000, the heating and a/c company gave us a totally free smart thermostat! Even though the two of us would have liked a cash discount, the smart thermostat was a cool feature, but my spouse and I had an old dial thermostat, so this was a pretty significant great update. The smart thermostat has a 4-inch display screen, which tells me all sorts of important information, and for instance, the smart thermostat can tell me the humidity and the temperature. The smart thermostat has many program style settings, so we have complete control over our indoor air quality. The smart thermostat also keeps track of our HVAC functions. This morning, I woke up to find a red light flashing on the thermostat, i walked over, believing it was particularly time to change the batteries. The red flashing light was a big reminder! When I tapped the screen, the smart thermostat told me exactly it was time to change the HVAC air filter. I had no idea that the thermostat was keeping track of our air filter usage. It’s been a whole month since we had the new heating and a/c unit installed, and we are still reading more about our new thermostat every day. I can’t wait to see how the WIFI functions work. We all have not used that feature yet.


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