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Dog smell and ac making it worse

Wet pet smell can be the worst thing you can think of! My friend’s pet can carry it pretty good too. You see, this summer, we have had a honestly rainy time this year, as well as the pet had a ball chasing the raindrops as well as the squirrels and other wild animals in the neighborhood.  We went to visit my friend the other day, and she had all of the windows as well as doors open as well as all of the ventilation fans running. She apologized for the odor in the house, although she didn’t know what else to do. She had scrubbed all of the carpets as well as washed all of the pet bedding, although she couldn’t get rid of that nasty wet pet smell.  My hubby asked if she had the A/C on. She told him he had everything running. He asked why he didn’t have the whole-home air purifier running. Somehow, in all of the insanity to get rid of the really horrid and smelly wet pet smell along with a dead animal smell, (Did I tell you they found a dead squirrel as well as it tried to play with it?) the switch to the whole-home air purifier had been turned off.  I never realized that you could turn off the whole-home air purifier, but the thermostat had a switch to turn the whole-home air purifier as well as the dehumidifier off. He turned on the dehumidifier as well as the whole-home air purifier, as well as there was a major change in his air quality before the hour was up. Thank all for HVAC technology!

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