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the HVAC guy ripped us off

I am a person that can find something to talk about, with anyone. My granddaughter has become my traveling companion since our mother passed. She did tell me that I talk too much. She has given up asking me if I knew the guy I was just talking to because I always tell them that I was glad to have met them. She laughs and politely stands by pretending to listen to my chatter. Last week, I couldn’t hold our tongue when I heard this guy talking. He was discussing something that I knew he had no idea what he was talking. I could see the smug look on his face, as if he was the expert on the subject. All of these people stood around raptly taking in his words and nodding as if they agreed. I nudged 1 guy and asked his if he understood what he was saying. She told me that sincerely he had no idea, however he sounded so authoritative. This man was trying to sell them on a brand new Heating and A/C system. I knew his name because I had seen him on TV and he was a pure rip-off.  He convinced older people, who are more likely to be scammed, that the more high-priced the Heating and A/C system, the healthier and better the Heating and A/C system. His prices were outrageous and people were ready to buy. I asked him about the SEER on the air conditioning system and he totally ignored me. I asked him if it included an air cleaner and a dehumidifier and he asked me to leave. Other people asked me questions and when I left they followed. He lost a lot of sales that day.

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