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Losing battle with the heater

My grandma never seemed to be able to get warm, when she got older.  I remember when she was younger, that she was the first 1 to lay by the A/C to go and cool off. She used to talk about heat flashes as well as how she felt as if her skin was on fire. As she aged, she started to not want anything to do with the air conditioning.  She wanted to have a jacket as well as the heater on, even when it was 95 degrees out. I used to get frustrated when I walked into her room as well as she would be resting there with the furnace on, as well as I had the air conditioning on. I would tell her how extravagant it was to have the thermostat in her room set to 75 and as the A/C was trying to overcome the heat the furnace was putting out.  The A/C was losing the battle. I even showed her how to turn the thermostat higher, so she didn’t need the heater. I turned the thermostat off totally, however for some reason, all of the usual sense she once had, wasn’t making sense to her. She forgot the straight-forward part of things, including how a thermostat worked. I wish our grandma were with us now. I miss those arguments as well as how she would roll her eyes at me. I would gladly spend money on the higher energy bills again if I could just have more time to tell her how much I adore her as well as hear her say it back. I’ve even turned on the furnace a couple of times, just to pretend she was there.

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