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My last boyfriend

I’m single, but that’s OK because I like my smart thermostat better than my last boyfriend. My thermostat is so much better than any boyfriend I’ve ever had. When I dated Leroy, it was all about his wants and needs, but my thermostat only cares about mine. It turns on when I return home, and off when I depart. I don’t need to tell it to; it scans my home for my presence! Leroy wouldn’t even lift his head off the couch when I came home!

The thermostat knows my heating and cooling needs. It even knows the times and rooms I want my temperatures set at. I adjusted my settings for a time, and my thermostat stored these settings. I use a bi-weekly temperature control program that has unique information for each room. I was lucky if Leroy remembered our anniversary, or if I got my hair colored!

My thermostat knows I like the air conditioning on in my gym at 8 a.m. and off at 10 a.m. How great is that? It also has my back with HVAC maintenance; it knows if I need a new air filter, or if service is required. Did my boyfriend ever change an air filter? No, not even once! My smart thermostat also tells me what I am doing right, by displaying a leaf icon if it is set to energy savings.

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