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My youngest daughter decided that she wanted to invite a few of her friends over in a slumber party last weekend. I spoke with her and said that it was fine, and that she could choose 3 girls to stay the night with her. This girl was so excited! My daughter chose her 3 close friends, and they all came over that particular one night. I made them cupcakes, and popcorn to snack on as they all watched one of their favorite movies. Everything was very quiet as they simply watched the movie and snacked. I clicked the heat up since it was starting to get a little cold in the residence. I was nearby in the kitchen when suddenly I heard a very loud noise. It sounded like some whistling noise. I realized the noise started after I turned the furnace on. I turned it off and sure enough, noise stopped. I called our local HVAC company and scheduled a session for my furnace to get looked at. I wasn’t sure where the noise was from within the furnace so I figured that it was best that I left it with the professionals. They told me they can be there there. The technician appeared and after I got done explaining what the issue was he told me he’d try his best to figure out the reasoning for any whistling sounds. After about 20 minutes the technician told me that he had found a gap in the duct. There was a small hole close to the connecting point between the duct and furnace near the blower. I’m not sure why or how the hole got there but i was happy that my technician had found it, and he could repair it.

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