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It’s important to keep your home air tight

Here in the northern area of the country, we take winterization extremely seriously… For an entire weekend, my fiance as well as kids and I work together to get the household ready for the Winter season. It often gets below freezing here before the end of September, as well as the freezing cold temperatures last through the end of April as well as occasionally into May. My child is responsible for placing the mouse traps as well as cockroach bait throughout the household. My fiance has to check all the smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors, but we have a fireplace as well as a gas furnace so it’s easily important that these are in working order and have new batteries. I am in charge of maintenance of our gas furnace as well as also for plenty of wood for the fireplace. I make sure to change all the air filters as well as schedule an annual tune-up of the gas furnace. Once the heating unit is tuned-up, I test it out for a few minutes to make sure it’s ready to be turned on as soon as it gets cold enough around here. My fiance as well as I work together to remove all window air conditioner units as well as window fans. My child goes around with insulating tape to cover any cracks. The following weekend, both of us tackle the outside. We bring in all the sod as well as patio furniture and turn off all the valves to the outside hoses as well as faucets. Then my child as well as I get up onto the roof and both of us scrub out the gutters. Over time, it has become a great tradition for our family as well as it ensures we are prepared for the long Wintertime ahead.

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