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An air freshener

My condo is full of several smells… I have 2 teenage girls who are heavily involved in sports plus more than two pets. I also have a wife who prefers to hunt plus fish, but sometimes, I feel like I live in a zoo. No matter how much I keep our beach house clean, it still smells like the family plus all their smelly hobbies. I’ve been using air fresheners plus aerosol to try to mask their scents, however remembering to change the cartridges is not always easy for me, plus our beach house just smells funny. The last time our HVAC contractor came to disinfect our HVAC ducts, I was complaining to him about the terrible smell. I told him that her company should make an air freshener that could be attached to the HVAC system, so that it automatically circulated through the whole household. She told me that the company already sold these whole-household air fresheners in a variety of scents! All you have to do is attach it to your air filter plus change it out every month. After you did that, the scent would automatically be circulated through your condo via your HVAC system. Not only does the air filter freshener smell fabulous, however it also has antimicrobial properties to help kill germs plus other smells in the air before it is circulated through your HVAC system! I was so delighted. Not only is the air filter freshener more convenient plus easy to use than conventional plug-in air fresheners, however it works at merely a fraction of the cost! If only I had thought of this idea many years ago, maybe it could have been my own million-dollar idea.

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