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I should schedule service

Don’t you don’t hate for it when those telemarketers call your personal landline? Or even worse, nowadays they are also able to call your cell phone! You get all kinds of crap calls, but the ones I entirely can’t sit is those stupid heating and cooling company telemarketers! They call and try to sell you heating and cooling replacements, heating and A/C duct cleaning, and even dare to try to hardell heating and A/C maintenance here in the southwest! I mean, duh, just think about it: if you live in the southwest, wouldn’t you have your own heating and cooling company to do all your maintenance? I know I do, and everyone else I know out here does! How in the world these morons even get purchasers are beyond me… And also, most of the time, if you ever notice, the heating and A/C companies are all these unknown ones… No record, no reviews, not even a BBB registration or rating! These people believe I’m going to hire them over my local quality heating and A/C company? They got another thing coming! I constantly tell them to take myself and my family off their calling list, but do they listen? Never! I swear, my ultimate fantasy would be to just get a sizable ball of crap and bomb their call center with it! Their air quality would go right to the toilet. Not even one of their air purification systems would be able to help them! Maybe then, they’d stop calling myself and others every other week, at all hours of the day, with the same boring sales pitch. I care about my local heating and cooling company, and that’s who I’m staying with!

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