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When I was a lot younger, I aspired to be an opera singer.  I had the voice, and I actually could knock out a mean Pagliacci, and I could sing most of Madame Butterfly arias, even though I had one big problem. I couldn’t sing in front of people. Then I got older and I wanted to be a graphic artist. My problem with being a graphic artist is that I have this fantastic concept in my mind, but when it was put down on paper, it looked like my first year of elementary school. Everything looks like badly drawn rabbits, a poorly drawn map. I guessed that I needed to find something else to do. Now I am a writer. I have written several books, and I’ve made enough money that I want to build my spouse and I a new house, and design the perfect entryway and office. I never actually put much thought to my office, except that I want it light and airy. I was looking at some new designs in the interior design magazine, but they are chrome and glass, and that just isn’t me. I loved the Desert Eclectic Home styling look. Everything was comfortable, and they had such elegant color contrast. I have a substantial place to call my office, and I can have people hang out with me. It is like a small apartment. Even without the new home, I could just redesign my office. I love the new paintings and the airy feel of my Desert Eclectic Home office. I didn’t need any custom furniture or new window treatments. I just got what I liked that was comfortable.


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