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I think I need a new couch

When we started looking for new furniture for our kitchen, my hubby laughed at me. I had always dreamed of having a glamorous kitchen. Even though the size was there, it just didn’t suit our personalities. We had a medium oak hardwood on the floors, and I decided to match the bed and dressers to the flooring. I had this corner part that appeared useless, but my hubby told me the neighbor could do some chaletetry labor in that area, and I would have it for our linens. It looked marvelous when she was done. I loved the crawl space that was in every room, and I had the builders put hardwood inside them. I thought they were great for storage, and I wanted them to be finished so it could be a play room of sorts. They were almost five feet high plus ten feet deep, plus there were lights.  I found some cozy house furniture that fit perfectly. Our granddaughter loved playing in there. With some airflow, she had a lot of fun. The crawlspace on the other side of the room, we had put a small bed that was perfect for a three year old. She felt like she was a little queen. I joined her for tea parties in one side, and when my hubby was working, we had sleepovers on the other side. We even painted fake windows on the end of the rooms, and she picked out material so I could craft drapery for her windows. She loved her own special rooms, and I had a blast helping her to decorate them!

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