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I recently remodeled the master bedroom in our home.  I tore the room right down to the bare studs and started over.  This gave me the chance to update the electrical wiring, add insulation to the walls, and completely renovate the look of the space.  Because I wanted to get every detail just right, I decided to consult with a custom furniture maker. I was a little surprised by the wide range of services they offered.  No only did they completely build the bed frame, nightstands, dressers, chairs and a divan to my specifications, they also handled the bedding and window treatments. Since the draperies and bedding is the finishing touch that serves both function and aesthetics, it was  very important to me. I’d looked at numerous stores and online, but couldn’t find anything that suited my taste or met my requirements for quality. Through custom design, higher standards of materials and expert craftsmanship, the furniture shop was able to create the room I’d envisioned.  The design specialist took exact measurements, and each item was tailored to the perfect dimensions. And, there were nearly endless options for fabrics, texture, color and style. I worked closely with several in-home designers and seamstresses to both get ideas and achieve my goals. I ended up going with upholstered walls, because they not only create an elegant look, but absorb sound, reduce drafts, and help with energy savings.   The master bedroom is now far warmer in winter, cooler in the summer, and a welcoming and comfortable space. I am delighted with the look of it, and I sleep much better at night.

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