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A great fabric

It took me a lot of time, effort and savings to finally to be able to open a custom furniture shop in my local city.  I dedicated months to simply finding the perfect building to house my business. I not only wanted a location which was easily accessible from the highway, with great parking, but a space that would accommodate both a workroom as well as showroom.  I have a team of craftsmen who work with me to design and create custom solutions to suit personal taste. Most often, clients come in with nothing more than an idea of what they want. My custom furniture shop provides the resources to realize just about any vision, customizing everything from a single piece of furniture to the entire home.  We take a personalized approach and use a hands-on process to deliver a unique and ideal end result. It is much more satisfying to design a room to serve your requirements, tastes and goals, rather than settle for whatever happens to be for sale at a local store. At my custom furniture shop, we create each piece from scratch and always in-house, making sure it serves both form and function, complimenting your decor yet residing up to long-term usage.  While custom furnishings are a considerably more expensive than generic alternatives, you are paying for exceptional quality. We utilize only the finest materials in every phase of the process, never settling for pressboard, veneers, or sub typical fabrics. Each project is completed with an attention to detail and according to your exact specifications. We offer complimentary design consultation with the purchase of any house furnishings. Our showroom is vast, offering a wide range of choices to either choose from or offer inspiration.  


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