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Once I made it to 40 years of age, my health and weight became an obsession for me.  When I was younger, I never had to worry about my body. I was naturally thin, some would even say skinny.  Either way, I could eat what I want plus not have to worry about gaining any weight. I wasn’t a slouch–I enjoyed being active.  I would take several mile hikes, ride my bike all evening plus swim without a chop for hours. However, it was consistently for the purpose of fun–never about burning calories or building muscle.  Now working out is about serious weight loss plus toning. During the winter, I don’t want to slow down completing my exercise routine. I found that installing in floor radiant heating mats was the perfect solution to help me stay motivated.  I had two options: electric in floor heating or a hydronic furnace. The hydronic plan focuses on a identifiable section where the pipes need to be distributed plus used to bury them in concrete, then you connect them to either a boiler, oil, or even a heat pump.  The electric in floor heating plan is less complicated. The electrical cable is enclosed in the mat plus ready for use. It doesn’t take any special replacement plus is as easy as laying tile. Both systems are discreet plus produces a nice heat, but the hydronic plan requires special space for units to heat the circulating fluid.  I had the electric in floor heating plan installed in a single of our spare living rooms that I had converted to my workout space. Now I do yoga without leaving our beach house and exercise in complete comfort.

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