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It’s so good to experience a refreshing cool rain after a hot Summer day.  At the beginning of Summer both of us experience a lot of rain. It is even pretty predictable, the day begins with temperatures climbing into the 90s by eleven o’clock.  As expected, around 3 o’clock the clouds begin to form and darken the skies. Just like that, the sky opens up with all of the moisture that it seems to have been saving in addition to lets it go.  It feels as though our whole county is going through an open air car wash. I take advantage of such mild temperatures by opening up the all the windows in our cabin as well as the front in addition to back doors.  Since both of us don’t need to use the cooling plan during the rain, I use this time to get our cooling system service. I acquired this lesson during the last Summer when I didn’t get our AC plan service before using it.  I heard a light flapping sound coming from the air conditioner system unit. At the time, It was still functioning good blowing cool air in addition to keeping the cabin at a comfortable temperature. However, after about a week of this, the sound increased in addition to the air wasn’t so cool anymore.    I finally called a central air conditioning service provider to repair our system. She explained that the noise that I was initially hearing was a frayed belt. Since, I didn’t get service it repaired instantly, it completely broke, which resulted in the louder noise in addition to less functioning capability of the air conditioner system.  So now during our mild rainy season, I have our air conditioner system tested respectfully.

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