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My home is so clean

Last week, I went over to my friend’s place to hang out. When I showed up and came inside, I noticed that it was very hot in the house. I very quickly asked him if you could lower the thermostat to turn up the air conditioner, and he said that was not possible. He told me that last week his HVAC system decided to give up the ghost. He had already scheduled an appointment for a repair, but the HVAC company was booked for a few days.I asked him how we would then manage to hang out comfortably, and he said his basement was significantly cooler than the rest of the house.I was skeptical, but when we went down to the basement my mind quickly changed. Somehow, despite the heat outside, the basement was indeed cooler than the rest of the house.I live in an apartment and have never really lived in a house with a basement, so I was not familiar with this concept.I told him he was lucky to have this place to go to beat the heat. He said he was not too keen on footing the bill for repair or replacement of his HVAC system, but that I really needed to get done. He said it would get way too hot when he tried to cook meals in the kitchen so he was often grilling outside.I thought that was a smart, move even though of course it was still quite hot outside. We hung out in the basement for the rest of the day and night, played some video games, and watched some funny movies. We also cooked out for dinner. I must say that even though my friends air conditioner was not working we still managed to have a good time in his cool basement.

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