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I’m not having a good time

I was so sad when my uncle Ted died. He was a wonderful man and a big part of our lives. ¬†keep taught me various things that I’ve never forgotten. At his funeral, we were surprised to find that the air conditioning was not working at all. It was quite hot, and everybody was sweating profusely. When I asked what on Earth was going on with the HVAC system I was told that there was someone already working on it. I thought to myself that he really needed to hurry up because we were all very uncomfortable. We had to continue on, to give respect to my uncle Ted. I was not happy when I saw that some people were actually getting up to leave.I even shouted that it was disrespectful to leave and that the A/C repairman was working on the problem. As soon as I said that, as if by some miracle the air conditioning kicked on. The people were leaving decided to sit back down. I did kind of feel sorry for them, they did have kids to worry about and it had been very uncomfortable. Shortly after the air conditioning kicked on though, everything was nice and cool again. I was glad Uncle Ted got the respect he deserved.

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