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I’m trying to be supportive

Can I just say that I do not like rats? I recognize that rats are the greatest pain in the butt that there is! My hubby calls them trash rodents, and that’s because they are always getting into our trash and spreading it all over our yard, guess who has to pick everything up? That’s right, me! They make me so mad.   They also make our dog bark all the time because she sees them out in the trash and she goes crazy. Once she got into a fight with one, and my husband and I ended up having to take him to the vet because the evil little critter scratched him. Now, they are giving me a whole new. Somehow or other, a whole family of rats has made their way into our attic. They are all moved in, nice and snug, into one of our large air conditioning ducts. The air conditioning duct is strategically placed so it completely bisects the entire house. So the rats  go back and forth, back and forth, all day long. I should say all evening long, since they are nocturnal, you can hear their little sharp claws skittering and scratching on the metal ventilation ducts throughout the whole evening, but I can’t stand hearing that sound on the air conditioning ducts! It gives me the shivers up my spin! Plus I can’t sleep knowing that there is a wild creature up in my ventilation system moving through my house! What kind of fur and vermin was my family breathing in through the air vents downstairs? What a pain and trouble. Tomorrow I’m calling pest control.   Following that call with an emergency call to our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C dealer. I need to remove some rats and get our ductworks cleaned out.

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