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I am making this better

My wife and I bought and remodeled a really old historic home last year when the interest rates were really low and made the home very affordable.  The plan was to remodel the house and then sell it for a profit to a family. However I ended up loving the place so much that our family moved in and now it’s our home. One of the hardest parts about updating a fifty year old home similar to ours is getting the a modern heating and air conditioning system.  The house had a fifty year old gas furnace, a wood-burning stove, and more than one fireplace! What it didn’t have was a fantastic ventilation system, replaced air duct systems, or air conditioning of any kind. Luckily for us, my Uncle Joe owns his own heating, ventilation and A/C corporation here in our home town.   Uncle Joe told us that since I’m his number one niece, he would do all of the labor on updating our heating, ventilation and A/C plan in the newly remodeled house for us at his cost. So really, we just had to pay for the new gas furnace, the new air duct, and the central air unit. Uncle Joe did all of the installation for us for free! I’m so lucky to have a professional Heating and Air Conditioning worker in my family, especially since I’m her number one family member! Who knows how much it would’ve cost us to get all of that Heating and Air Conditioning equipment replaced in this old beautiful house? Now that it’s done, though, the house is amazing.  I’m so ecstatic that every one of us saw through the work to the potential that it had, because now it really feels enjoy home.


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