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I am the chocolate cookie monster.   I like just about every kind of chocolate cookie, and if I could eat them for every meal without damaging my physical health, I would. I don’t mind store purchased chocolate cookies, but they never seem to compare to my mom’s fresh homemade recipe. I didn’t have an oven for over several years because ours broke from being over use, we didn’t have the extra finances to purchase another one at the time.   Three months ago, my husband purchased me an oven and surprised me with it on my 40th birthday. It was actually the best gift I’ve ever gotten for my birthday. Ever since I have gotten the oven, I have been baking cookies just about everyday. There are only three people in our family, so we can’t possibly eat all the chocolate cookies that I make, so my son takes them to our neighbors. I like chocolate cookies, so I like baking, but baking in my little apartment kitchen often is entirely  frustrating because it gets quite warm and uncomfortable. I always have fans blowing the hot air outside and other fans blowing into the kitchen to try and keep the room cool enough, but it just doesn’t work. I told my husband about it, and he said he would look into getting me a small AC that would fit in the window of our little apartment kitchen. Last Monday he came home from work that night with an AC under under arm and ingredients for chocolate cookies in the other. He installed the AC unit, and now the little apartment kitchen stays cool no matter how long I bake for. I am so cheerful that I can do all my chocolate cookie baking and be comfortable at the same time.

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