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This is not working well

When my hubby and I bought our home, both of us were so pleased with how airy the space is.  There were vaulted ceilings in addition to ceiling fans in all rooms. We didn’t need to run the air conditioning very much.  I soon realized it was because the heat rose to the ceiling. Despite the ceiling fans which were to high to clean, both of us still couldn’t keep any heat near the floor.  The other problem was that all the smells in the house, were also pulled up to the rafters where it seemed to hang out much like smog over a city. I knew both of us had to do something, although I didn’t recognize what.  When the Heating and A/C company came in to maintain our air conditioning, I told him about this problem. She just said ewww in addition to stating that makes for bad air quality. She said running the air conditioning, in addition to installing an air purification plan would help to remedy the problem and it would improve our air quality.  Both of us discussed the media air cleaner, in addition to the Pure Air Filter system. It was a bit too extravagant, but considering how well it filtered the air in addition to getting rid of all dirt, dust and bacteria, it seemed that it would be our better choice. It has been about a month now and our personal smog has gone. Both of us can totally notice the difference in the air quality.  Because the smells are gone, there is no smog hanging out at the ceiling, in addition to there is no more humidity in our air.


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