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I will thank him when I see him

Waiting is never an simple job, however as my grandmother always said, “waiting teaches patience.” I absolutely lack patience in everything because I do my absolute best to try to make sure that I never have to wait for anything, I’m well prepared.   If I were to name one thing that I believe I need to dedicate more time to, it is having patience! My spouse’s recent job has actually been helping to teach me patience. I get out of my job at 4:00 everyday, be he gets out of his job at 5:30. Right now, because the two of us only have one car right now, I have to sit in the parking lot and wait for an hour and a half for him to finish work.   The first morning of many, was actually the hardest because, once we were in the car leaving for work, my spouse and I realized that the A/C in the car wasn’t blowing cool air anymore. Of course, we didn’t have time to look at it before we went to work, so that day as I was waiting for him, I had to sit in the car with no cool AC. It was awful, eventually, I asked her employer if I would sit in my spouse’s private office with him as he finished up her calls for the morning, she said it would be fine, however  not to make a habit of it. Thankfully, the following morning was Saturday, and both my spouse and I had the weekend off. It was great to learn that all the A/C needed was a charge and it was blowing chilly air once again. Since then, I have waited at in front of his office for him several times, but I try not to complain because I remember just how miserable being patient was without AC.

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