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My friends and I wanted to do something special this year for Christmas instead of going to the beach for winter break. Since it was our senior year at university, we undoubtedly wanted one last big hurrah, so we chose to rent a nice lodge in the mountain valley. My buddy Anne made the reservation because her dad works as a travel agent. We got an unbelievable price and a fantastic location. We knew there was a fireplace for heat, however the travel agency assured us there would be plenty of cut firewood. Instead of central heat, we had the fireplace to keep us warm. In addition, each of the single rooms had a small space furnace to help out. The night we arrived, the outdoor temperatures were dropping into the tens. We used all of our wood before we even knew it. Anne and I did not want to split firewood while we were on vacation, but luckily, the rental came with a list of services to call in an emergency. One of the numbers listed was a man to call for firewood, whose name was James. We called James several times before he finally answered the phone. For only twenty-five dollars, James could give us a huge load of firewood. We agreed to pay for the wood and scheduled the delivery. When James arrived with the firewood we invited him inside. He helped us begin a fire in the fireplace, and chatted with us for several hours. We were so thrilled to have more heat for our lodge.

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