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I’m trying to find a roommate

I was residing in my parents beach house for awhile before they decided to sell the house entirely. They had been living in the south, since they had retired many years ago. They wanted to get rid of the house so they could use the money for some repairs to their new home. I had been residing in the beach house for several years, even though my parents had been warning about the sale for two months. I knew it was coming, although I hoped they would supply me with a little more time. Literally the next week, my parents began showing the beach house to a few local realtors. Things were progressing hastily, and it was obvious that I needed to find somewhere to rent. After searching through the internet, I started to realize that I was not ready to move. First of all, I did not have enough money saved, which led to the problem that I could not afford anything where I was currently residing. That meant spending more money, or moving further from my current job. I found several favorable choices, which made this a hard decision. I chose the apartment that was more fancy, because it had central heat in addition to A/C. Most of the rentals that were cheaper had a window air conditioner in addition to wall heaters. I did not want to spend the summer months without any air conditioning, so I had no choice but spend the extra money each month. After several months, I had to break down and look for a roommate. I could not afford to spend money for the heat in addition to A/C and still buy groceries for myself. I could barely keep up with the rent.

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