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I’m getting my heater clean

My husband recently finished his Tour of Duty with the military.  I don’t know if I really ever expected him to quit the Army until he retired, but he finally gave it up.  We had been married for over ten years, and I was glad to finally be going home. My parents were so glad to have us coming home, because they finally got to be grandparents.  They wanted to babysit for us while we found jobs, and they even helped us to find a home before we returned. My husband was so glad they were willing to help us so much. Being a teacher, I found a job in a daycare center.  My husband had worked with the Army contractors, and he had been doing a lot of HVAC work. He wasn’t really thinking about going back into HVAC work, but it seemed that was all that was hiring. After a couple of weeks, he decided to put in some application to the local HVAC companies.  He finally got a call from a small local HVAC company that was family owned. He was the only one in the company that wasn’t part of the family, but he fit in since they were all veterans. He loved working for the company and he was proud to be able to help support his family. After a couple of months, he was given a raise and a promotion.  When they saw how good he was when it came to working in large corporate buildings, the owner was quick to take advantage of his training.

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