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When I finally finished my tour of duty with the military, all I wanted to do was to finally go home and have a real life with my family.  I had been married for almost fifteen years, but we hadn’t spent much time together. I had spent the entire fifteen years in the Army. My sons were in their early teens, and I didn’t really know either of them.  I think they were all glad to have me home, but I needed to find a job. I wanted to be able to support my family with a civilian job. During my tour in the Army, I had worked with an Army contractor and I worked with the HVAC equipment.  It wasn’t something that I really wanted to do when I got out of the Army, but it seemed like it was the only job that was available. As much as I didn’t want a HVAC job, I couldn’t help but to put in my application to several of the companies.  When I was offered a job by one of the local companies that was family owned, I accepted. They offered me an amazing wage and a business truck to take back and forth to work. Within the first couple of weeks, I saw how well the paychecks were helping the family.  We were getting along better than I could have dreamed and my sons were proud of my working as a HVAC technicians. I soon got a good raise and a promotion. They had me working with some of the AC contractors, just as soon as I opened up and told them what I was doing when I was in the Army.  I know that I will be making a great life for my family.

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