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Dinner with my family

When my husband was finally finished with his military, he and I decided it was time to move home.  We had spent our entire marriage, touring the world while I waited for him to return home. Our boys were now eight and ten, and neither of them had been in the United States, and they didn’t know their grandparents.  His parents found us a lovely home that was about ten miles away from where they lived. We moved in within a month after he was released, and we love the area. The boys are finally getting to know their grandma and grandpa, but my husband was in need of finding a job.  He had been putting in applications, but other than HVAC jobs, he wasn’t really qualified for anything else. When he was in the military, all he did was service HVAC systems. He finally accepted a job with a local HVAC company that was family owned. He got along well with the owner, and they offered him a good salary and commission.  He only worked there for about three months when they gave him a good raise, and a promotion. He now spends much of his time working on HVAC system in professional buildings. He does a great job wherever he goes, and he has built an amazing reputation for himself. My husband is now working in a training capacity with other HVAC techs.  He is loving his job, and we are all so glad to finally be where we can call home.

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