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Having independence for the first time is great! When I finally got the opportunity to get my first apartment I was more than thrilled. I had just spent the last six years living in a dorm at college and wanted the opportunity to have my own space.  It took me a couple of months to find an apartment that was in a good location and that I could afford, but I finally found one in a building just outside of town that was convenient for me to get to work as well. The layout of the apartment was great and it even had a spare room I could use as a home office, however, the view from my apartment was less than desirable. The building I was in was about three stories higher than the one next door and when I looked out my windows all I saw was the commercial HVAC units on the building next door.  The apartment was affordable because of the lack of a view, so I really couldn’t complain. The other problem was the fact that when I open my windows all I could hear was the motors inside these big units. I ended up purchasing special window treatments that would block out some of the noise and just purchased extra lighting for the apartment so I didn’t have to look at the large units. Thankfully my apartment did come with heat and air conditioning so I didn’t have to worry about getting fresh air. Maybe after I’m working for a couple of years I will be able to afford an apartment with a better view, but for now, I’m happy to be living on my own.

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