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My house is a big problem

Recently I became a new father.  It was a glorious event for my wife and I, but I wasn’t ready for the added noise and flurry of activity that came with it.  We had a two bedroom home and I now had to give up my office so the baby had a room. I worked from home more often than I went into the office, and I needed my home office.  I knew I couldn’t continue to work in the bedroom, because of the noise, and there wasn’t anyplace else that I could go. I went up to the attic, but it was just too hot up there to be able to work.  I checked all over the attic, but there was no way that I could even connect into the central air conditioning system. The ductwork didn’t go up here, and I couldn’t afford to put in new ductwork. I was doing some research online, and I came across a ductless mini split AC unit.  It seemed like the perfect solution to the problem with the attic. I had to put in some insulation before I put in the ductless AC unit, but that didn’t seem like a big deal. I talked to my wife, but she was so busy with the baby, that I don’t think she really heard me. Yesterday, I came home from work, and there was a card with a huge bow on top of it.  It was an arrow that told me to go in that direction. I followed about ten arrows before I arrived in the attic. There was several rolls of insulation, wallboard, and a ductless mini split AC unit, with a huge card that read, Happy Baby Arrival.

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