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I am okay with the problem

After our child was born, I noticed that my husband was really anxious around the house.  He had used the spare room as his office for several years. When our little girl was born, he suddenly had no place of his own, to go and do his work.  He was working in the kitchen, or wherever he was able to get away from the the noise. I started looking into the feasibility of having a small playhouse type of structure built in our backyard.  I was already aware of a cooling system called the ductless mini split AC system, and I knew it would be perfect for the size building that I am considering. It would be a great birthday present for my husband, and I know he would appreciate the opportunity to be able to get away from the house and the baby.  Last week, I called my brother and I asked him what it would take to put the building up over a weekend, while my husband was on a fishing trip with his dad. We needed to have it well insulated, and with the mini split AC, he would still have his window free. I also wanted it to be connected to the garage by a small covered walkway and the doors, so he didn’t have to be outside walking around in the dark and in inclement weather.  My brother told me that he knows of the perfect structure and I ordered the ductless mini split AC unit. I can’t wait to surprise him with his own office next weekend.

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