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My wife and I have this fair sized house, but it only has two bedrooms.  We recently had our first child, and I have to give up my office in the spare room, so we can use it for the baby’s room.  A part of me is overjoyed because now I may be able to add a room onto the house and have my own office area. I’m thinking about adding it off the kitchen.  I won’t be able to hear all of the noise that is going on in the house. I also won’t be able to put in traditional HVAC, because there is no room for the air ducts in the size of room that I am planning.  I really only want a small area, but I still need to have air conditioning. My wife isn’t so sure about putting in a new room because of the added expense, but I told her how much we would be spending, and she said I have to keep it in the budget.  Now that I need to add air conditioning, I’m not so sure about my budget. I did find a ductless mini split AC unit that seems to be ideal for what I want. I’m thinking that it would be perfect for me to put into my little office. The mini split AC is guaranteed to be efficient and quiet.  I looked at the cost, and my room will still come in under budget. I know the mini split AC would be perfect for me, and now I just have to get her approval.

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