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Researching the construction project

I am using my baby as the reason to be able to do renovations to my loft space.  I told her that we could use more space since we had the baby. We had two bedrooms, but the baby was taking up the second room, and now I needed more space for my office.  The loft over the garage seemed like the ideal place to put my new office area. My wife is a bit put out by what the cost of the renovations could be. She told me that it would be too expensive to put air conditioning in the loft in the garage.  This got my wheels running, and I went on a mission to prove her wrong about the AC. I didn’t need central HVAC, because the area was much too small. I just needed a small air conditioner, but I really didn’t want a window AC unit. They were always in the way.  They took up the window and you didn’t have the ability to get fresh air. They were also inefficient, and they ran continually. I finally found the perfect solution. I found the ductless mini-split AC unit. It hung on the wall, and it was perfect for the space that I had.  I didn’t have to run it when I wasn’t in the loft, because it only took minutes for it to cool off the space. It was quiet and fairly inexpensive. I think if I can prove that adding the mini split AC unit would keep us well within our budget, she won’t have any qualms about allowing me to turn the loft into my office.  I will be ecstatic because I won’t have the noise in the house to stop me from working.

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