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I love this job

Maybe I am a bit overboard when it comes to my doggies, but I can’t help it.  I probably do too much for them, and I treat them like humans and not animals.  I allow them free reign to the entire home, and I never have them tied up or leashed.  I try to keep them as comfortable as I keep myself. My dad keeps saying they are animals who were born to adapt to their surroundings.  If they have food, water, and shelter, they will survive. He says to look at the animals in the forest, they don’t get air conditioning when the summer arrives.  The animals don’t have heating in the winter, but these aren’t animals, they are my babies. When I go to work, I leave the air conditioning on, and I make sure it is set to sixty-eight degrees for the doggies.  When someone tells me I am wasting money, I remind them that they would do the same for their children, and they usually groan and walk away. I know that this is really expensive to do what I am doing, but I want them to be comfortable.  Last month, I bought a Smart Thermostat. I thought that if I monitor the AC system more closely, I can adjust the thermostat in the apartment if it gets too warm or too cold. I don’t even have to leave my desk to control the thermostat. It is just a simple tap on a button on my IPhone.  It’s an attempt to save some energy and some money, but I don’t have a choice.

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