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I don’t need them

Laugh if you want to, but I really worry about my babies when I am not at home.  I want to make sure they have as much freedom and comfort as I can give them, when I am away.  I have never put my puppies in a kennel, or in a cage at home. I make sure they always have good air conditioning, that is down low enough for them to not be under any distress.  That is why I leave the air conditioning running at full fan and on a low temperature, even when I am at work. My friends tell me that this is really stupid and that all I am doing is wasting energy and money, but I disagree with them.  My three dogs needs to be cool all of the time. I don’t understand how anyone would think I should deprive them of the comfort of air conditioning. I’m sure they wouldn’t do it to their own babies. Of course, they don’t have dogs, but real babies, but I feel the same way about them as they do their own.  Last month, I even bought a new thermostat. It is a Smart Thermostat. I love that I am able to check the temperature in my home, at any time of the day. I simply pull out my IPhone and I can change the thermostat setting and make it warmer or cooler with just the tap of a button. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my babies, but I am wasting a lot of money on their behalf.  I am only hopeful that the Smart Thermostat will help to alleviate some of this wasteful spending.

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