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Warm air is flowing out

Sometimes I start to obsess that I may not be doing the right thing for my pets.  I don’t keep them penned up all day, and I usually worry more about their comfort than mine.  I really worry that about the air conditioning in my apartment. I refuse to leave my babies in the house unless the HVAC is running.  I want to make sure the air conditioning is running perfectly to keep my babies comfortable. Some of the people I know, tell me that I am wasting money by leaving the AC on all of the time.  I know that my energy bill is really high and that I am probably paying much more than I should be. I understand what my friends are saying, but they need to understand how I feel. I won’t leave my pets in a scorching apartment, without any air conditioning, any sooner that they would leave their children in a car without any air conditioning.  Not too long ago, I made the decision to have a Smart Thermostat installed in my home. This makes it much easier to give some comfort to my babies. I can monitor the temperature in the apartment and adjust the thermostat accordingly. I don’t have to run the AC as cool as I once did, but I also don’t have to worry about my babies getting overheated.  I guess my energy bill is still way too high since I am not home, but I find it necessary. I just hope the Smart Thermostat will make a little difference.

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