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I’m lowering my power bills

Sometimes I worry that I’m being to lax when it comes to my pets. I give them free reign of the house most days, and that means I’m always more concerned about keeping them comfortable than keeping myself comfortable. I have three dogs and a cat. I would feel terrible if I left them at home without the A/C running. So, I always leave the cooling system running even while I’m away at work. My friends have told me that I’m crazy for doing this because it drives my utility bill through the roof. I see their point, but the thought of my animals being at home on a hot summer day without the cooling system makes me feel awful! I recently had the idea to have a smart thermostat installed so that I can monitor and adjust the thermostat using my phone. This would allow me to turn on the A/C so that they can get some cool air occasionally, and it would allow me to turn it off after letting it run a little bit. I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing this before now because a smart thermostat seems like a fantastic way to gain more control over my HVAC unit. This seems like the perfect solution to my animal issues. I love my pets, and I would do anything for them. Still, I can’t continue to run up unnecessary expenses on their behalf. I hope this thermostat fixes my problems!

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