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I know I should ask for help

Living with asthma is not certainly done, especially if you live in the neighborhood where air pollutants are everywhere. My asthma can flare up in sites prone to collecting dust particulates and other airborne allergens, so I have to be careful! I can take any number of steps to keep our asthma under control, however I can’t stop a flare up from happening if I’m living in a room full of particles that will clog our lungs up. To ensure our house stays free of airborne particulates, I have an media air cleaner functioning as part of our heating and air system. The purifier works amazingly well, however the best part? It’s a portable purifier, so I can bring it with me on road trips! Since our task requires travel across the state as much as fifty percent of our job week, I often find myself sleeping in hotels that have questionable air quality at best. To ensure the indoor air pollen levels is at optimal levels, I bring our portable purifier with me to the hotel and set it up right in front of the a/c for the room. Within an hour, I can sense a major difference in air quality, as I won’t feel the urge to cough as strongly as when I first arrived to the hotel! This little media air cleaner has seriously changed our life for the better, and I’m thankful for our sibling who gifted it to me for Christmas a few years ago. I still remember a single trip, where I’d forgot to pack the purifier with our luggage before heading out the door. I’d hoped that the powers that be would have mercy, and I’d end up in a hotel that already has excellent indoor air pollen levels – however I didn’t have such luck on that trip. In fact, the hotel I stayed at was a single of the filthiest hotels I’ve ever slept in, so the purifier was desperately needed! I slept for all of an hour on the first night I spent in that hotel. That was motivation enough for me to locate a minute portable media air cleaner to keep in the car, just in case I forget to pack the other a single.

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