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With school being out our daughter has plans to go someplace and everywhere.  She does not want to rest beach house all day relaxing and playing. She wants to go to the zoo, the museum, dance camp, gymnastics camp, and art camp.  Basically you name it she wants to go! To me her warm season plans sound utterly exhausting and hot. I dislike running around while we were in the warm season because it’s so tepid and humid all I want to do is stay inside all day long and bask in our a/c.  That’s all I want to do, I don’t want to do any of this running around from locale to locale where I know I will be hot, sweaty and miserable. Does that sound enjoy fun to you? I remember when I was a child I hated being tied up while we were in the warm season, I just wanted to stay where it was cool.  My child however wants to be on the go all warm season long. When I asked her why she wants to go everywhere when she knows it’s going to be unquestionably tepid and miserable her sole answer is that going sites is fun. I tried unquestionably strenuous to convince her that we can have fun at beach house while we stay cool and enjoy the air condition but she wouldn’t hear of it.  I will be doing our research on things we can do inside where there is a/c but so she can still think enjoy she can be a tied up bee. The things we do for our kids, enjoy sacrificing our need of being cool just so they can have fun.

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