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This air is blasting

I’ve got a nice car. I have worked very hard every single day to have a nice car. As I don’t take that lightly. One of the main reasons I have invested a lot of moolah in my car is that I live in the desert. I was transferred here for work and I knew right away that I needed a reliable car in the desert heat. The last thing I wanted was to break down in one hundred and ten degree dry heat! On that note, the air conditioner is a very important piece of this car. I felt confident and ready. So, I am driving to operate mid-morning last week and the air vents went silent. Then the once cold air from the air conditioner was now luke warm and growing hotter with each foot I drove. This was not good. I got to a gas station as fast as I could where they checked my coolant, but it was wonderful. I couldn’t understand why my air conditioner would just crap out. The car had been recently serviced therefore wasn’t even that old, first off! The mechanic was helpless and additionally I was a hot wreak from the temperature rising beyond a cushty level. I called the dealership and there seemed to be a long pause. Apparently, I was not the only one to call in that week and there ended up being a total recall on the model of my car! I couldn’t believe it, I would get a brand new car with a blissfully working air conditioner at certainly no extra charge. What started out being a nightmare was now the best gift ever and I saw it my air conditioning back in your desert heat!

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