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Would you believe what I’ve realized? Humans aren’t the only things that have unhealthy circulatory systems; Sure, we’re prone to having heart failure, disappointing breathing quality, plus high blood pressure, mostly due to disappointing lifestyle, but however, as straightforward as it is to nag on human beings plus our being inept to care for ourselves, both of us aren’t the only things that don’t operate at ideal efficiency in this way.  The more I get up there in age, the more I grasp that it’s super strenuous to find a home with great air circulation. As a child, I remember our home having a great deal of natural ventilation, and the people I was with and I could open the windows all through the house in order to establish a refreshing breeze of pure outdoor air, fresh off the fields of wildflowers that surrounded our town. There was no lack of high quality natural air in the house, plus I believed this to be the norm. However, in every locale I’ve lived ever since, there has not been the same quality of delightful outdoor air ventilation; I have consistently felt as though our windows were too small, they allowed very little air movement between the indoor plus outdoor spaces, but no matter if 1 window is open, or every single opening to the outdoors is accessible, there’s certainly not enough ventilation. This means both of us are continually running our indoor Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan to manage the air quality in our home. The people I was with and I never get to experience fresh, natural air indoors, plus our utility bills never get a breather even while both of us were in the comfortable seasons. I’m no home health provider, although I would request that corporations plus architects take a closer look at the congestion that seems to plague our new homes. It would be healthier for our savings  account plus breathing if both of us could get some fresh air inside.

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