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These indoor conditions are tough

Moving into our brand new house, we had to make some important decisions about how to best utilize the irregular floor plan to the best of our capabilities! The cabin is an seasoned cut level home, which means it has more than one separate bedrooms; a single on the top floor when you first walk in, and a single on the lower level, a few steps down from the guest bedroom, then we decided at the time that we would use the lower floor as our “real” bedroom, and tried to create a moderate and welcoming environment in the space so we would have satisfaction while spending time together there. The only problem is, this level is supposed to be moderate and welcoming, but actually, it’s pretty cold and wet. We had no clue when we were moving in that this room would be 15 degrees cooler than the rest of the cabin at any given time! It’s close proximity to the inherently cool underground keeps the air legitimately cold and damp in this space downstairs. It was only after a month or more of living here that we realized how unpleasant it felt to be in such unregulated air quality, and how inconsistent these indoor air conditions were. We slowly came to the realization that this cold, wet air was never going to get better unless we did something about it ourselves. We never intended to invest in HVAC equipment for this new house, so we had to come up with another plan in order to establish a warm and comfortable bedroom. This is how we ended up in this unique  situation, dripping with sweat as we haul all our bedroom furniture up the stairs to the warmer and drier air on the upper level room. I’ll tell you, even the best laid plans can fail miserably…

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